Sewing table is the table which was used for sewing and helps to store all the sewing equipment. It has multiple drawers, shelves for the storage purpose, matching chair will come along with this table for the seating purpose of tailor. Other attachments like drop-leaf for expanded space, sewing material, dust bin and cloth bag helps in better sewing.

How sewing tables helps the tailor for best sewing?

A good sewing table must have required attachments in it to make the tailor convenient while sewing. Some of the good characteristics of best sewing tables are

  • Sewing table should have all the qualities to make sewing easier and convenient for the tailor.
  • It should have suitable for the tailor’s height that helps in cutting and stitching of the fabrics.
  • The table should be fit for the tailor’s sewing room which fixed in the room in the right place based on the convenience of the tailor.
  • The sewing table should keep the tailor’s work at elbow height and his wrists should be in straight position. If the table is too high then tailor have to raise the shoulders for the sewing work that should make the tailor’s neck, upper back and shoulders tired. If the table height is too low, it may cause the tailor to straining back, shoulders, neck and hunch forward.
  • Sewing work surface in the table should be large as much as tailor’s need that fit for the sewing machine and its process.
  • The foot pedaling in the table for sewing should be convenient for the tailor.
  • The tailor’s chair should be the best combination of the table for the best seating facility that matches with tailor’s height. If the chair is not convenient for seating then tailor will suffer from back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain.
  • In sewing chair the tailor’s feet should be positioned flat on the floor and work surface of table and chair should be at elbow height. The chair should have adjustable option that helps the tailor to get the perfect fit.
  • For sewing the tailor must have both sewing and cutting table. The cutting table also having the same principles what we saw before for sewing table. While standing the tailor’s work surface is at elbow height.
  • The sewing table must have all the attachments like drop-leaf for expanded space, cloth bag to hold sewing equipment, enough shelves and drawers to store threads and other equipment as per the tailor’s requirement.
  • The sewing table should have all the sewing equipment like needles in different sizes, threads in different colors, measuring tape, scissors, shears, sewing gauges, pin, pin cushions, thimble, tailor’s chalk, emery bag and all other equipment that makes tailoring easy and comfortable without any obstacles.
  • If needed additional cabinets can be purchased for tailor’s convenient.
  • Furniture for sewing should be in good quality that the tailors feel while sewing in the machines and in other sewing process.
  • The table should be suits for all types of sewing process like sewing, fabric cutting, crating, dressmaking, embroidery, quilting, alterations, buttons sewing, measurement marking and all other sewing processes.

Therefore, these are the qualities of best sewing tables.