Sewing is an art of stitching that done with the help of needle and thread, some craft works also included to make wonderful clothes for the persons who wear it. Outer appearance of a person is a key to judge their attitude, clothing plays an important role in the outer appearance of a person and even we can come to know the tradition and culture of a person by their style of dressing.

Sewing equipment and tools are used for fabrication and cloth construction. Every equipment has some unique usage in cloth construction and some of the equipment is,

  • Sewing Machine: Sewing machine is the main equipment to stitch fabrics and clothes with the help of needle and thread. Different models of machines are available in the market for the tailors.
  • Needles: Different sizes of needles are available to help the tailor in stitching and type of needle is selected by them based on the type of fabrics.
  • Threads: Different colors of thread helps the tailor in stitching different colors of fabrics, the thread color should be match with the fabric for better cloth construction.
  • Measuring Tape: Measuring tape helps the tailor to measure the body of the fabric user and also helps in measuring the cloth.
  • Scissors and Shears: Different types of scissors and shears helps the tailor to cut the fabrics based on the measurement.
  • Sewing Gauge: Sewing gauge helps to measure the short lengths with the help of movable indicator.
  • Hem Gauge: Hem gauge helps to measure and fold the fabrics accurately.
  • Yardstick or Meterstick: Yardstick helps to measure the long lengths of fabrics to stitch lengthy clothes.
  • L-Square: L shaped measuring scale that helps in measuring accurately in divisional parts.
  • Hip Curve: Hip curve used to measure the curve part of the clothes that connects the edges.
  • Pins and Pin Cushion: Pins are used for cutting and sewing the fabric materials that helps in basting. Pins have to be sharp, if the pin is rusted and dull pointed, it may destroy the fabrics. A pin cushion is a ball shaped cotton cloth that helps to put the pins together in one place that protect the tailor’s finger from the pins.
  • Thimble: Thimble is made up of metal or plastic that protects the tailor’s finger from the needle that will not make injuries. It should be fit the tailor’s finger for the convenience in sewing.
  • Emery Bag: Emery bag’s purpose is same as the pin cushions but the shape and size of the emery bag differ from pin cushions and also it helps in sharpening the needles and protect from rust.
  • Sewing Box: Sewing box helps the tailor to store the sewing equipment in one place without missing it and helps in storing and using the tools in a systematic way. Sewing box is two types like compartmentalized and non-compartmentalized box based on the convenience of tailor they can choose the box accordingly.
  • Tailor’s Chalk: Tailor’s chalk helps the tailor to mark the different measurements in fabrics that helps to cutting it accurately without mistakes. These chalks are available in different colors that tailor can choose based on the fabric color.